Check-in/ Check-out: By the time the ship arrives Reception is open. Firstly you pass from there and then you set up your tent.
Ensure you check-out the day you leave and the hours that  the Reception is opened. Departures are (check out) made until 12:00 p.m.
After 12:00 is added a half day stay in the account.

At the time when i arrive, where do i set the tent???
Because usually the time the ferry arrives is too late, you set up the tent without much noise (DO NOT nail stakes that time!)
You set up the tent where there is no sign of reservation and if there is you can set it up as long as your days do not coincide with those of the reservation.
It is prohibited to manually change the reservation signs. If you need  more information you can go to the Reception (opening hours) and talk to the manager.

Opening hours  of Reception: 10:30-13:30 and 19:00-22:30.
Note: If someone goes to normal operating hours and the reception is closed, he may apply to the person at the cashier of the restaurant and he/she will ensure to open the Reception.

Self service restaurant operates from morning (8:30) until night (12:00).
Breakfast is served until 14:00 and lunch from 14:00 and after.
There is also an outdoor food preparation and liesure area (kitchen without equipment)
outdoor shower facility.
Free internet access in the area around the Reception.
Chamber of short hospitalization, for hosting in case of medical emergency.
Also available is massage service (for information ask the Reception or the cashier of the restaurant).
Finally, at the Reception operates a mini-market with the essentials (in concert can obtain for you and something that does not exist on Reception).

Useful instructions ….
• Water in bathrooms and toilets is not drinkable.
• Keep communal areas clean of your better hygiene.
• You are responsible for the situation of communal refrigerators (it is humanly impossible to know who and when put something in the fridge). At your departure you should throw everything you don’t need, or more preferably give it to someone else!
• Those who have  problem with the music / noise,  is better to camp far from the bar / restaurant for their own convenience.
• We respect the quiet hours of others (near tents) to respect us too, in turn!
• We are not responsible for any loss of personal belongings during your stay, but we would be glad to store any valuable objects that need special attention. It is advisable, however, to rest assured using padlocks.
• Outside of each tent must be mounted in a conspicuous place the tag we give you in the check-in. It is very important to avoid the inconvenience of any control.
• Cars must be parked only to the specific parking locations.
the management Bears no responsibility in case of theft/damage.
• It is forbidden to light fires in the area of Camping. Purely for safety reasons!
• Children under 14 years old must use the various facilities under the supervision of their legal guardians.
• The maximum speed of vehicles entering the parking lot must not exceed 10km.
• No Pets Allowed in the period of 25/07-20/08. On other dates, they are permitted under strict supervision with respect to them and the campers.

For any complaints, comments, thanks, etc, contact the Reception. We will be happy to serve you!

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